Police Certificate

The Police Certificate reports whether you have a criminal record for the duration lived in Japan. Non-Japanese citizens may apply as well.


  • To obtain residence permit, work permit.
  • To obtain permit to work in the restriction area of the Helsinki airport.


Japanese citizen or non-Japanese citizen who lived in Japan

Required Documents

1.Application Form (provided in the embassy)
2.Valid Passport
3.Fingerprint Form (provided in the embassy)

Application and Collection

The applicant must appear in person to apply.
Ways to collect:
1. By post
You are required to provide an envelope and sufficient stamps to send the certificate. Please note that the Consular Section will not bear responsibility for any loss, delay or damage that occurs as a result of posting the certificate to you.
2. Collection from the Embassy in person
You must bring your valid passport once again for identification purposes.
3. Collection by an authorized person
If you would like to send someone to collect it for you, let us know the nominated person's identity upon your application. The proxy must bring his/her valid passport and the power of attorney.



Processing Time

2 or 3 months

Additional Information

The Police Certificate can only be submitted to foreign government institutions. We cannot issue the certificate for personal or private enterprises. There are also limitations placed on what this certificate can be used for, such as obtaining citizenship, permanent residence, and work permits. Depending on the purpose of your application, you may be required to submit additional documents or may not qualify to apply.