Visas and Consular Services

0. Requirements for foreigners entering Japan.

The Embassy provides the following visa and consular services in Finland:

1. Issue visas under certain conditions to those who are travelling to Japan.


2. Issue Extension of Re-entry Permission

When a foreign national who has left Japan after obtaining a Re-entry Permission has justifiable reasons, such as illness, for being unable to re-enter Japan within the valid term of the permission, he or she may be granted extension of the validity at the Embassy.

3. Issue certificates for non-Japanese nationals

a) Police certificate
A certificate for those who used to live in Japan and are required to obtain this certificate for designated purposes, such as adoption or emigration.Please note that police certificate is made by Japanese police authorities based on research of applicants' fingerprints. It will take at least 2 months to get the certificate so please prepare enough time for the procedure.
b) Certificate of Japanese driver's licence
A certificate for foreigners who have a Japanese driver's licence. To be issued, the Japanese licence must be valid.

4. Provide consular services for Japanese nationals

a) Passports
b) Family registration
Birth, marriage, divorce, death, adoption, acknowledgement, entry in the family register, change of family name upon marriage or divorce, choice of nationality
c) Certificates for Japanese nationals
Wills, ontracts for engagement of mariner, nationality, residence, personal status (birth, marriage, death), occupation, authenticity of translation, seal or signature (official or others), ashes box, origin, Japanese goods unloaded abroad, list of effects left aboard vessels, report of navigation, other certification (e.g. Japanese driver's licence)
d) Security information for Japanese nationals
Travel advice and warnings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Safety information for Japanese nationals abroad

5. Registration of Japanese nationals in Finland

Registration forms are available at the Embassy.