Visas and Consular Services



  • For the time being, entry into Japan from all countries and regions including Finland is denied unless special exceptional circumstances are found as part of measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). 
  • All the visitors to Japan currently need VISA as visa exemption measures are suspended due to COVID-19.
  • It normally takes 5 working days to issue a visa.
  • For further details, please see the MOFA web site

Contact Information

1) Immigration and Residence Permit Procedure (Re-entry Permit, Certificate of Eligibility, Resident Card etc.)
   “Immigration Information Center”
   TEL: +81-3-5796-7112 Weekdays 8:30 to 17:15 (Japan Time)
   Supported languages: Japanese, English
2) Quarantine Measure to Enter Japan and during the Quarantine Period
   "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Quarantine Inquiries Hotline"
  TEL:  +81-3-3595-2176 All day 9:00 to 21:00 (Japan Time)
  Supported languages: Japanese, English
  “Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants”
  Supported languages: Japanese, English
3) Visa Procedure
   “Visa Information Hotline”
   TEL: + 358-30-6230316
   24 hours/365 days
   Supported language: English
4) Appointment to Apply Visa
   Please contact before bringing visa applications.

Relaxation of Entry Restrictions for Foreign Nationals

The restrictions on the entry of foreign nationals to Japan is relaxed. Accordingly, applicants in the following categories are eligible to apply for a visa:

1) Applications for a Short-term stay for business or for work
a) 68 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions (including Finland), Columbia and Peru
b) Other Countries
2) Applications with a Certificate of Eligibility for a long-term stay
3) Applications for those who have ‘exceptional circumstances’
a) Spouse or child of a Japanese national
- 68 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions (including Finland), Columbia and Peru
- Other Countries
b) Spouse or child of a permanent resident
- 68 Countries and Regions for Visa Exemptions (including Finland), Columbia and Peru
- Other Countries
c) First or second degree relatives of a Japanese national or permanent resident
4) Applications for former Long-Term Resident and former Permanent Resident
5) Applications for other cases with special circumstances
6) Evacuees from Ukraine

Applicants who fall under 1) and 2) must submit visa applications with the Certificate for Completion of Registration to the ERFS system.
Please contact your inviter in order to obtain the certificate.

*Application and pick-up by proxy
  When a group or an individual would like to apply and pick up visa by proxy, they are required to submit the Power of Attorney with applicants’ signature.
  Consular staff will check the Power of Attorney and ID of the proxy and copy it.
Application Forms
- Visa application form (QR Code generated version)
- Letter of Reason for Invitation (Japanese or English)
- Schedule of Stay


Frequently asked questions concerning Japanese quarantine measure can be found in following pages:
Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO) “Frequently asked questions”
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare “Q&A on the New Border Measures (27)”

Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19):  


  • All travelers including Japanese nationals have to submit a Certificate of Negative Test Result conducted within 72 hours (from the sampling time to departure time of the flight) when entering Japan.
  • The certificate requires certain contents according to the Japan’s valid format. It is strongly recommended to use the valid format (Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result) for avoiding troubles when checking in at airport or entering Japan.
  • There have been reported some cases of rejection of boarding due to incomplete documents: lack of test date, passport number, test methods, etc. Showing the Check List of certificate contents and Requirements for Certificate of Testing for Entering Japan to staff of medical institution could reduce such troubles.
  • Frequently asked questions can be found in “【1】Inspection certificate” of this page.


All Japanese nationals and foreign nationals with the status of residence are required upon entry into Japan to submit a document which can be found in  “【2】Pledge” of this page pledging to follow the rules below;
  • Be in quarantine at home or the accommodation where they declared to stay for 7 days after entry
  • Refrain from using public transportations for 7 day after entry (Trains, Buses, Cabs/Taxies, domestic flights, etc.)
  • Install the COVID-19 contact tracing application (click here to find the details of the app and here for the Q&A ), and keep it activated
  • Retain location information through the map application function of the smartphone, and provide the information to the health authorities, if requested,
  • Follow the instructions from the health authorities and the infection preventive measures, such as wearing masks, washing hands and avoiding crowded and poorly ventilated spaces.
In addition to the pledge, please also fill in the questionnaire before your arrival. Save the issued QR code and show it to the quarantine officer when you enter to Japan.

*Please note that “7 days after arrival/entry into Japan” starts from the day following the date of your entry into Japan.

In case of violation of the pledge, they may be subject to detention under Quarantine Act and the following shall apply:
(i) For Japanese nationals, names and other information that contribute to preventing the spread of infection may be made public.
(ii) For foreign nationals with the status of residence, names, nationalities, and other information that contribute to preventing the spread of infection may be made public. They may also be subject to the revocation of status of residence and procedures for deportation under Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law.


All those who enter including Japanese nationals are also subject to conducting of COVID-19 test upon arrival.


(1) Entrants from Finland with certificate of a third dose
No quarantine is required.
(2) Entrants from Finland without certificate of a third dose
7-day quarantine at home/accommodations is required.
But if you take self-test after three days after entering Japan and submit negative result to Health Monitoring Center for Overseas Entrants (HCO), 7-day quarantine can be shortened.
Please refer to this page concerning to Japanese COVID-19 border measures change from March 1, 2022.


You may take public transportation for 24 hours after entry to Japan in order to go to your home/ accommodations.


Visit Japan Web is a web service that visitors can use for quarantine, immigration and customs procedures in order to enter Japan. Visitors can register information for quarantine, immigration and customs procedures before arrival at Japan and make these procedures simplified.


Fast Track is available for those entering from Narita International Airport, Haneda Airport, Chubu Centrair International Airport, Kansai International Airport, Fukuoka Airport. If you register required documents at least 6 hours prior to your flight’s scheduled arrival time, you can save time of the quarantine procedure at the airport.