Visas and Consular Services

All travelers and returnees will no longer be required to submit a certificate of negative result of COVID-19 test conducted within 72 hours prior to departure, nor will they be required to submit a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate of three doses or equivalen from 12:00 a.m.(JST) on April 29, 2023.
With passports issued by visa exception countries, you can travel to Japan as a temporary visitor for maximum 90 days without visa.
The passport must be valid when entering Japan. We recommend that your passport is valid for a few months after the trip.  



1) Immigration and Residence Permit Procedure (Re-entry Permit, Certificate of Eligibility, Resident Card etc.)
“Immigration Information Center”
   TEL: +81-3-5796-7112 Weekdays 8:30 to 17:15 (Japan Time)
   Supported languages: Japanese, English
2) Visa Procedure
   “Visa Information Hotline”
   TEL: + 358-753263777
   24 hours/365 days
   Supported language: English


How to Apply
Visa Categories
Frequently Asked Questions
Transfer of Visa Attached on Expired Passport

Re-Entry Permission and Special Re-Entry Permission

Re-entry measure is conducted by Immigration Service Agency. When you have a question, please contact the aforementioned “Immigration Information Center” firstly.
Re-Entry Permission
Special Re-Entry Permission
Extension of Validity of Re-Entry Permission
When you have lost the passport with Re-Entry Permission or Special Re-Entry Permission abroad


Police Certificate
This certificate reports whether you have a criminal record for the duration you lived in Japan.

Certificate of Driver’s License
To certify that the applicant has a Japanese driver’s license either in English or in Finnish.

Certificate of Translation
To certify that translation is faithful to the original Japanese official document.


Birth Registration
To be submitted within 3 months from the birthday of the newborn in Finland.
Death Registration
To be submitted within 3 months from the day the person passed away in Finland.
Renouncing Japanse Nationality
To be submitted by the due date, when a double or multiple nationality holder chooses a non-Japanese nationality in Finland.

Notification of Loss of Japanese Nationality
To be submitted by the due date, when Japanese citizen aquired a foregn nationality at own will or a double or multiple nationality holder chooses a a non-Japanese nationality 


Disagreement on the issuance of the child's Japanese passport


Guide for when You are Feeling Ill
Medical expenses can be very high for foreign visitors to Japan who get injured or become ill during their stay. You are strongly recommended to purchase private medical insurances in advance.

Customs Procedure

Bringing Medicines for Personal Use

Driving in Japan

Consumption Tax Exemption System


A Daily Life Support Portal for Foreign Nationals
This PORTAL was launched to provide useful information for foreign nationals residing in Japan and their supporters.
New to Japan? Useful Pages for Foreign Nationals
The Immigration Services Agency has put together a selection of links and articles filled with information that all new arrivals to the country should know.

Guidebook on Living and Working – For Foreign Nationals who Start Living in Japan -
This guidebook contains a variety of information addressing the different needs foreign nationals are likely to have while living in Japan.