How to Apply


Points to Consider in Visa Application

(1)  The visa process takes approximately 5 working days and may vary depending on the contents. However, it may take more than 1 month in some cases; when the applicant is requested to submit additional documents or when it is necessary to refer the documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan (in Tokyo) for further examination. Therefore, make sure to apply early for a visa leaving enough time for the process.
(2)  You must take the processing time into account because we cannot expedite the process to suit your booked flight.
(3)  After completion of visa application process, the results will be notified to the applicants at the consular counter of the embassy. (Pickup date is written on the receipt.)
(4)  All the documents, excluding the passport, submitted with the application will not be returned.
(5)  Required documents to be submitted should be original documents (Certificate of Employment, Business Trip Order, etc.) unless specifically indicated. If you want us to return original documents (Certificates issued by authorities, etc.), you must submit the copy with the original one. 
(7)  All required documents should be valid at the time of visa application, and submitted within 3 months from the date of issue.
(8)  Validity of visa is 3 months from the date of issue and is not extendable.
(9)  The following applicants are eligible to apply for a visa:
- Finnish nationals
- Foreign nationals residing in Finland with resident permit
 Applications of foreign nationals residing in other countries are not accepted.

Visa Related Service Hours

  Pick-up Visa and Passport  9:30 - 11:30   Monday - Friday 
  (except closed days)       
  Submission of Visa Application       13:30 - 15:30    Monday - Friday 
  (except closed days)
  Visa Information Hotline
  + 358-30-6230316
 24 hours   365 days



1) You need to get an appointment to apply visa by Email (visa-apply<at> after collecting all required documents designated based on each visa categories. At the same time, you are required to send application documents to take pre-check. Please refrain to contact us by telephone.

2) After getting an appointment, you can apply visa at the embassy.
Please prepare all documents in A4 size and bring physical visa application documents and do not staple documents.
3) If you send your substitute to the embassy, the substitute must submit the Power of Attorney with applicant’s signature.
You can apply visa by registered mail, but we do not bear any responsibility on the way of the transportation by mail.
3) After 5 working days (excluding your application day), you can receive your visa and passport at the embassy. You need to bring and submit “Visa Application Receipt”.
If you send your proxy to the embassy, the proxy must submit “Visa Application Receipt” and substitute’ ID issued by Finnish authorities.

Application Documents

1) Application form
2) Letter of guarantee (Japanese or English)
3) Letter of invitation (Japanese or English)
4) List of applicants (Japanese or English)
5) Details of company/organization (Japanese or English)
6) Travel Itinerary (Japanese or English)


Please refer to this page.
Please note that the embassy can accept only cash payments in Euro and you must bring the exact amount money. Broken bills are not accepted.