Extension of Validity of Re-Entry Permission

The period of validity of a re-entry permission can be extended for up to one year at one time, as long as the extended period of the re-entry permission does not exceed four years (five years for special permanent residents) from the date when the original re-entry permission came into effect. At the same time, the period of a re-entry permission cannot be extended beyond the period of stay granted before departure from Japan unless the foreign national applied for the extension of the period of stay or for the change of status of resident before leaving Japan.

(1) On applying for this extension, you must read “How to Apply” carefully.
(2) “Special Re-Entry Permission” is different from “Re-Entry Permission”. “Special Re-Entry Permission” cannot be extended.
(3) Principally, the applicant needs to come to the embassy to apply.
(4) During the process, the applicant may be requested to submit additional documents deemed necessary.
(5) You must prepare all documents in A4 size and bring physical visa application documents and do not staple documents.
(6) Required documents to be submitted should be original documents, unless specifically indicated. If you want us to return original documents (Certificates issued by authorities, etc.), you must submit the copy with the original one.

Required Documents

(1)Passport with the sticker “RE-ENTRY PERMIT TO JAPAN”
(2)Copy of passport
          Bio-date page (printed on A4 paper)
          Page attached the sticker “RE-ENTRY PERMIT TO JAPAN”
3)Residence Permit issued by MIGRI (except EU nationals)
(4)Copy of residence permit (except EU nationals)
          Both sides (printed on A4 paper)
(5)Application to Extend Re-Entry Permit
           If there is any omission in the description, it will be not accepted
(6)Residence Card (Zairyu-Card)
(7)Documents certifying the applicant's inability to return to Japan at this time (e.g. Medical certificate stating the applicant is unfit to travel, employer's letter stating the applicant is unable to travel due to work commitments, etc.)