Transfer of Visa Attached on Expired Passport

When the expiration date of your passport attached the valid visa is reached, you can request the embassy to transfer the valid visa to your renewed passport.
In case that your passport is stolen or lost, the visa cannot be transferred.

(1) On applying, you must read “How to Apply” carefully.
(2) You must prepare all documents in A4 size and bring physical visa application documents and do not staple documents.
(3) Electrical visa cannot be transferred.
(4) Official or Diplomat visa attached on official or diplomatic passport cannot be transferred to an ordinary passport.
(5) If your valid visa has “Remarks” (e.g. JICA TRAINEE), you need to bring your old passport on enter to Japan.

Required documents

(1)Renewed passport
          Should have at least 2 blank pages for stamp
(2)Copy of renewed passport
          Only bio-date page (printed on A4 paper)
3)Passport with the valid visa
(4)Copy of passport with the valid visa
          Bio-date page (printed on A4 paper)
          Page attached the valid visa (printed on A4 paper)
5)Residence Permit issued by MIGRI (except EU nationals)
(6)  Copy of residence permit (except EU nationals)
          Both sides (printed on A4 paper)
(7)Application Form
4.5cm×4.5cm, taken within last 6 months



Processing Time

5 working days (excluding your application day)