Certificate of Translation

To certify that translation (into English by the applicant) is faithful to the original Japanese official document.


To certify graduation, licenses, and etc. to foreign authority.


To have valid official document issued by Japanese public office (as a principle issued within the last 6 months).

To have document equivalent to above-mentioned official document (for example, certificates of graduation and of school attendance issued by school/university provided in Section 1 of the School Education Law).

Required Documents

1. Application Form
2. Valid Passport
3. The Original Document to be Certified
4. The Translation to be Certified

Application and Collection

The applicant is to apply at the Embassy. Cannot apply either by post or by email.

Can send a proxy to pick up the certificate with a power of attorney
signed by the applicant. The proxy also needs to bring the passport of the applicant and her/his own ID (with a photo, e.g. passport).

We cannot send the certificate.



Please refer to this page
Please note that the embassy can accept only cash payments in Euro and you must bring the exact amount of money. Broken bills are not accepted.

Processing Time

Depends on the contents.


・We do not issue an extract of Japanese family registration [Koseki] with an apostille. When a document with an apostille is required, please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.
In some cases the Finnish authorities accept only translations made by the authorised translators in Finland (for example, extract of Japanese family registration, national qualifications and licenses). Please make sure that the authority accepts a certificate of translation issued by the Embassy before applying.
・Certificate of translation certifies that the translation by the applicant is faithful to the original document, but does not certify the contents of the original document (For example, the Embassy does not certify that the applicant is a nurse by issuing a certificate of translation of nursing license).
・We will discard the certificate and submitted documents after three years of custody if the certificate is not picked up.