Disagreement on the issuance of the child's Japanese passport

Regarding the application for Japanese passports of minors, Japan issues passports by having a signature of a custodian as a legal representative to the application form.
However, if the other parent has expressed his/her disagreement on the issuance of the child's passport either to the Japanese Embassies, Consulates General or the prefectural passport offices in Japan beforehand, the passport will usually be issued after the verification of the consent of both parents. In this verification process, the Japanese Embassies and Consulates General, as well as the prefectural passport offices, check in principle with the parent who disagreed beforehand on the issuance of child's passport whether he/she is now willing to submit a "Letter of Consent for an Application of Passport", and the passport will be issued after the submission of the Letter.


Parent who has parental authority

Required Documents

1. Letter of Refusal of Passport Application
2. Passport or ID issued by authorities
3. Family Register (Koseki-tohon) issued within 3 months
   Your parental authority needs to be described on the Family Register


In case that the custody conflict is solved, you need to submit “Withdrawal of Refusal Letter” without delay.
If there is a change in your address and telephone number, you need to submit “Changes of Contact Information for Refusal Letter of Passport Application” without delay.