Death Registration (Shibo Todoke)

When a Japanese nationality holder has passed away in Finland, please submit a death registration (Shibo Todoke) within 3 months from the day the notifier has learned his/her death.



Within 3 months from the day the notifier has learned his/her death.

Who can submit the documents?

1. Relative living in the same household
2. Another house owner living in the same household
3. The landowner or caretaker of the house or the land
one of them are obliged to submit the registration.

However, a registration can be submitted by a relative not living in the same household, .a legal guardian, a curator, an assistant or a voluntary guardian.

Where to submit?

Directly or by mail to the Embassy of Japan in Finland or the public office of the person’s legal domicile in Japan (Honsekichi).

Required Documents

1. Death registration (2 pieces)
2. Death certificate (2 pieces: an original and a copy).
Please inform us if you would like to have the original one returned. A stamp or signature by the issuing organization/person is required.
3. Japanese translation of document 2 (free format, 2 pieces: an original and a copy).
The notifier may make a translation.
Please write the name, street address and telephone number of the translator in the end of the translation.
What is written in the death registration (the place s/he passed away, the name of the hospital in Japanese) should be the same in the translation
4. A document showing the address of the hospital where the deceased was confirmed (e.g. homepage of the hospital) and its Japanese translation (2 pieces: an original and a copy)
If the document 2 includes information about the address of the hospital, the document 4 is not required.
5. An explanation of delay (free format).
If the registration was not submitted within the deadline.


1. Please send the documents to the consular section (shinsei (@) for pre-check before coming to submit. We will not accept the documents, if there is any imperfection in the documents.
2. Be sure to ask the hospital/doctor to write the time of death in the death certificate. If not possible, please ask the doctor for a statement about the time of death.
3. If you would like to cremate or bury (including the bones), please submit the death registration directly to the public office to obtain a permit of burial or cremation in Japan.
4..If you submitted an acknowledgement registration to the Embassy and had a stillbirth (to the acknowledged fetus), please submit a stillbirth registration (Shizan todoke) within 14 days after the stillbirth was confirmed.