Certificate of Driver’s License

To certify that the applicant has a Japanese driver’s license either in English or in Finnish.


To change a Japanese driver’s license to a local license.


To have a valid Japanese driver’s license.

Required Documents

1. Application Form
2. Valid Passport
3. Japanese Driver’s License (Front and Back)

Application and Collection

Can apply at the Embassy with an appointment. Can also apply by post or by email. When you apply by post or by email, please include a copy of all the required documents and present the original documents when you come to pick up the certificate.
Can send a proxy to pick up the certificate with a power of attorney signed by the applicant. The proxy also needs to bring the passport of the applicant and her/his own ID (with a photo, e.g. passport).

We cannot send the certificate.



Please refer to this page
Please note that the embassy can accept only cash payments in Euro and you must bring the exact amount money. Broken bills are not accepted.

Processing Time

Two working days (the application day not counted)


・We will discard the certificate and submitted documents after three years of custody if the certificate is not picked up.
We cannot receive an email with an attached file over 10MB. Please check your email and, if needed, send another email, when you have not received a reply from us.