World Assembly for Women ja pääministeri Sanna Marinin videotervehdys

Tokiossa järjestettiin 3. joulukuuta World Assembly for Women WAW! 2022, jossa Japanin pääministeri Kishida Fumio piti puheen. Suomen pääministeri Sanna Marin oli lähettänyt tapahtumaan videotervehdyksen. 
Tapahtuman tallenne löytyy Youtubesta alla olevan linkin kautta. Pääministeri Marinin tervehdys alkaa kohdasta 1:13:00.

Pääministeri Marinin videotervehdyksen puhe:

"I am pleased to be speaking at the World Assembly for Women this year. I would like to thank the Government of Japan for organising this important event.

Gender equality was an important topic on the agenda during my visit to Tokyo in May. I value the attention that His Excellency, Prime Minister of Japan Mr Fumio Kishida, is paying to the promotion of women’s empowerment.

Finland is a stable and prosperous society today, because we understood very early in our history that we need to have everyone on board in building our nation. One half of the population cannot have fewer rights and opportunities than the other. Gender equality is in the interest of the whole society.

In Finland, women’s participation in working life is very high. High-quality public day care at a reasonable cost and a well-functioning parental leave system have played a key role in making this a reality. A woman’s right to decide freely on her own body, sexuality and reproduction is crucial.

Currently, half of the Members of the Parliament in Finland are women. But even Finland still has work to do to reach full gender equality. More needs to be done to combat gender-based violence. Gender pay gaps remain in the labour market.

While digitalisation provides new opportunities for our participation in society, it also comes with risks. Online gender-based violence limits participation and is a threat to democracy, and we must find global solutions to fight it.

Finland and Japan are like-minded countries. It is important for us to share best practices, as we are doing here today at the World Assembly for Women. I wish you a successful meeting.

Thank you."