Young sakura trees were donated to the City of Helsinki: Celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Finnish independence

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On 4 July, ten cherry blossom saplings were donated by the Japan Sakura Foundation to the City of Helsinki in celebration of the 100th year anniversary of Finnish independence. The planting ceremony and a commemoration reception were co-organized by the Embassy of Japan and the City of Helsinki. Hundreds of locals gathered to celebrate together with the Sakura Queens of Japan and Finland.  
The planted trees will be taken care by the City of Helsinki in cooperation with the local community. The young trees, which were planted in Roihuvuori Park, differ in color from the already planted 150 cherry trees. The varieties planted this year were Kikku shidare in purplish red color and Amanogawa in light magenta color. In the coming years, the Hanami Festival can be enjoyed with a larger variety of colors in the park.