Sake from Tohoku was promoted by Minister Yoshino

On the occasion of the visit of Minister Yoshino, Minister for Reconstruction, Sake promotion event was held at Restaurant Olo. Minister Yoshino delivered his messages about recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake and safety of the food from Tohoku to eliminate negative reputation.

In most of the area in Fukushima, people now live a normal life. The area still under the evacuation order is just 2.7% of the whole Fukushima prefecture. Air dose rates in Fukushima are eventually the same level as other major cities abroad. Food safety is ensured through a thorough inspection of radioactive substances applying the world’s strictest level of standard limits.

9 different kind of sake from Tohoku were served on the occasion.

Mr. Pekka Terävä, Olo group, remarked that Finnish ingredients will go well with Sake.


Presentation by Minister Yoshino


Olo’s Chef Mr.Pekka Terävä


Graphic information about Fukushima Safety


Leaflet of the Sake from Tohoku (Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima)