NHK Tokyo Children’s Chorus

On 16 August, 60 members of NHK Tokyo Children’s Chorus participated Espoo music festival “Organ Night & Aria Festival,” and sang a number of Japanese folk songs such as “Oiwakebushi Ko”, “Yagibushi”, “Otemoyan” as well as such Japanese children’s song as “Fuji-no Yama.” Their performance, which utilized the best of the architecture of the Espoo Church and their voices have turned the space into that of fairy-tale. Their performance was put on air in the evening of 18 August at YLE radio.


On 17 August, 20 members of the chorus group performed their songs at the on-board reception on the Japan’s Training Squadron JS KASHIMA which arrived Helsinki on the same day. Children’s songs added shine and colors to the visit by Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense Force in 5 years. Last song “Hana wa saku” reminded all the audience on board of the path of recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake.


On both days, the choir delivered beautiful image of Japan to the audience. The chorus members also seem to have enjoyed, though small, integrated, beautiful and strong “Finland.” After this, the members go to Estonia and Latvia to present their song performance. We wish the success of their concerts.