Suurlähettiläs Fujimuran haastattelu Ahvenanmaahan liittyvässä dokumenttielokuvassa

A documentary “Åland - Suomen silta länteen” (Åland – Finland’s Bridge to the West), including an interview by Mr. Michael Franck with Ambassador FUJIMURA Kazuhiro, will be broadcast on Finnish television with the below schedule:

YLE Teema & Fem: Monday 5 Dec at 19:52-20:51
YLE TV1: Thursday 8 Dec at 19:00-20:00
YLE Teema & Fem: Friday 9 Dec at 09:10-10:10
YLE TV1: Sunday 11 Dec at 11:15-12:15

Ambassador FUJIMURA talks about the League of Nations and its peaceful settlement of the Åland question over 100 years ago.

The documentary can also be viewed online on YLE Areena: